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The Heirloom Seed Supply Solution


Heirloom and open pollinated seed is able to feed families for generations and keeps the control of the seed diversity in the farmers and gardeners hands. This is true food security, when you only have to buy seed once, and can save, sell and share this seed without regard to laws, patents and copyrights.

Heirloom true to type seed has the ability, over a short period of years, to adapt to its climate, weather extremes and growing conditions therefore the region of breeding has important considerations for most growers. There is an effort among breeders to breed seed with traits that hold up to the severity of the earth’s climate changes and disrupted growing cycles.

Loss of seed diversity is a global crisis, with a large-scale concentration of limited varieties being distributed around the world by agribusiness. “Heirloom” seeds, those hearty varieties passed down from one generation to the next, is being lost at an alarming rate. Heirloom Seed Supply's (HSS) mission is to perpetuate the planting of these tried and true varieties. Whereas the market trends in seed selection (or even genetic modification) are geared toward shelf life, visual appeal, and uniformity, Heirloom Seed Supply varieties have been selected by farmers for their traits such as flavor, pest and disease resistance, and adaptability to regional conditions of weather and soil type.  Our main purpose is to provide farmers and gardener's with heirloom and open pollinated seed varieties that can be used to develop characteristics to cope with today’s changing climate.

The trend and opportunity for producing and selling heirloom seed and vegetables, herbs, fruits are here to stay because the public is tired of tasteless mass production hybrids and GMO’s and there are very few companies selling heirloom seed. The demand has overcome the supply so much they are making withdrawals from the doomsday seed vault. Heirloom Seed Supply will encourage and promote heirloom seed to home grown gardeners, historical gardens, market farmers, and encourage more seed breeders.

My own ancestors have grown and passed down an heirloom flint corn called Johnny Herring corn which will soon be an Heirloom Seed Supply exclusive, at least for a couple of years.

Heirloom seed sales & use is not only a product but a global movement to return to true seed types that reproduce viable seed for replanting. It’s all about food security for future generations. Heirloom Seed Supply seeks to become a valuable resource in this movement.

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