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Astro Arugula Seed Organic-Arugula Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Astro Arugula Seed Organic

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Astro Arugula Seed is certified organic and open pollinated. (21 to 35 days). I prefer this milder strain, as do a lot of other people, making it a top seller. Selected for profuse basal growth, Astro rockets into dense clusters of thick lush leaves for baby-greens harvest. Leaf shapes are a mix of smooth-edged and lobed. Grows equally well during cool and hot seasons, Astro came to us highly recommended by our West Coast seed farmers for its dependable performance and yield.

300 seed per pack. Lot #381. 90% germination.


Arugula Culture: Prefers cool temperatures; direct seed as early as possible in spring. Bolts readily in heat; much better as a fall crop or succession planted. Use row covers to discourage flea beetles. I always let my spring crop grow to seed and am rewarded with a self-sown September and October patch that is delicious and has no flea beetle damage! A prime ingredient in tangy mesclun mixes. Frequent watering will reduce its pungency. Suitable for microgreens.

 When to harvest greens? Research from trials conducted in England and Kenya showed looseleaf lettuce, red chard and arugula harvested in the evening had a longer shelf life than when picked in the morning.