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3 Piece Mini Garden Tool Set With Wooden Handles-Mini Garden Tool Set-Heirloom Seed Supply

3 Piece Mini Garden Tool Set With Wooden Handles

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This 3 Piece Mini Garden Tool Set features wooden handles with steel heads. It's perfect for small Zen gardens, planters, raised beds or for supervised children's play gardening.


Mini garden tool set for planting use.

High quality material, serves a long lifespan.

Small and light weight for easy and convenient use.

Great for potted plants, zen gardens or fairy gardens.

Suitable for kids playing house.


Material: wood plus iron

Weight: 60 g

Item Size: Harrow 18cm/7.09"X4cm/1.57"X2.5cm/0.98",  Spade 22cm/8.66"X5cm/1.97"X2.5cm/0.98",  Shovel 22.5cm/8.86"X2.5cm/0.98"X2.5cm/0.98"

Packaging: PP bag 

** Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.