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Abenaki Calais Flint Dry Field Corn Seed Certified Organic Heirloom-Field Corn Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Abenaki Calais Flint Dry Field Corn Seed Certified Organic Heirloom

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Here is Abenaki Calais Flint dry field corn seed that's open pollinated and certified organic. (88 days) This is an improved strain of Roy’s Calais Flint, selected by a Vermont seed grower Jack Lazor for 10-row ears and strong feeder roots. The original, kept by the northern Vermont Abenaki tribe for generations, had 8 rows of kernels. Abenakis passed it on to local farmers who shared it with Vermont seedsman Tom Stearns. Stearns has called it the most exciting heirloom he was ever given: “Incredibly early and able to grow well under cold conditions.” It even survived the legendary summer of 1816 (“Eighteen hundred and froze to death.”) Most of the 7–9" ears are golden yellow but a minority are a beautiful dark maroon.

According to " In taste evaluations of different corns conducted by Fedco Seeds, the cornmeal ground from Roy’s Calais flint corn has proven superior in terms of taste and nutritional quality. A little sticky it can be eaten as a sweet corn, but is mostly used for posole or hominy. Its protein content is significantly higher than most flint corns (11% to 12% instead of 9%). It is rendered more nutritious through the process of nixtamalization, which involves soaking the seeds overnight in water and a small amount of fine wood ashes or hydrated lime, then slow-cooking in the same way as soaked dried beans. The resulting hominy (posole) is rich in niacin and complex protein, and it can be used in many dishes (soups and stews, polenta) and as masa flour for tortillas or tamales. The corn has a buttery aroma and a rich, creamy flavor.100 seed per pack plants about a 25 ft row."