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Balady Aswan Celtuce Seed Organic-Celtuce Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Balady Aswan Celtuce Seed Organic

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Our Balady Aswan Celtuce seed is an ancient heirloom from Egypt and it's certified organic. Celtuce is usually allowed to bolt and enjoyed for its 12–14" crunchy stems with creamy flavor. Its sweet emerald-green leaves make a tall rosette, taste like regular lettuce leaves without bitterness and can be harvested anytime, remaining sweet and crispy even after bolting.

It seems a cross between lettuce and celery, celery like stalks and lettuce like leaves, hence the name, but in fact it is a variety of lettuce originating from southern China. It is commonly known as Wosun in China and is found used in numerous food items because of its soft, translucent, green central core, which is the edible part of Celtuce. About 200 seed per pack.