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Beedy's Camden Kale Seed Organic-Kale Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Beedy's Camden Kale Seed Organic

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Beedy's Camden Kale is certified organic and open pollinated. (60 days) Social-justice advocate Beedy Parker provided this seed for that overwinters for her in Zone 5, and usually comes back with great gusto in Colrain, MA, self-sowing year-round! It has not survived winters at Donna Dyrek’s in Zone 4 in Hartland, ME, but reliably overwinters for Cynthia Phinney in her Zone 4 garden in East Livermore, ME. She says the leaves die off rapidly with the onset of really cold weather, but the plants live and re-sprout leaves in the spring plus she finds new baby plants volunteering. Abundant wavy blue-green leaves are full to the bottom, not as tightly ruffled as Winterbor and can grow enormous. Phinney calls it “the one kale that is tender and sweet enough to enjoy in summer.“ In my opinion, this is the sweetest kale by far. This is also one of the best juicing kales and it's packed with antioxidants. More tender than the Siberian types and lasts longer into the fall. 200 seed per pack.