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Bleu de Solaize Leek Seed-Leek Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Bleu de Solaize Leek Seed

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Blue de Solaize leek seed (110 days) is open-pollinated. This is a hard-to-find French heirloom that is named for its dark green leaves that turn a tinge of blue during cold spells. It has hardy, fat medium-long shanks with mild flavor that is delicious in soups, broths and stews. Bleu de Solaize dates back to the 19th century. It has been successfully overwintered in Zone 5 and  in Zone 4 with only straw mulch for protection.I like to slice my harvest thin and dehydrate it for winter use. It only takes a heaping Tablespoon full to give that venison stew the extra flavor that gets the bowls licked clean. Dried & minced fine makes a wonderful leek dip by adding sea salt with sour cream and a dab of lemon juice for a veggie platter dip.

Bleu de Solaize is 19th century French historic heirloom variety with  15-20" stalks that are sweet and flavorful. Extremely hardy, good for short-season areas and winter harvest. (100-120) days from transplant. Start seed indoors under lights.

Approximately 100 seeds per pack. Limited quantity!