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Brocade Marigold Flower Seed Mix-Flower Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Brocade Marigold Flower Seed Mix

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Brocade Marigold Flower Seed Mix. French Tagetes patula Abundant color on neat, compact 10" plants. Ruffled double flowers in rust, yellow, orange, red and bicolors.This is a medium height marigold that works well in large containers. Grow in full sun and deadhead regularly to enjoy flowers from May to heavy frost. The plants are drought resistant, so a good candidate for xeriscaping. The flower petals are edible, and can be dried and ground to use as a replacement for saffron. The essential oils of this marigold have apparent anti-fungal properties, and have been used to fight fungal infections on plants. Annual. 1 gram seed per pack (about 300 seed).