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Bulls Blood Beet Seed-Beet-Heirloom Seed Supply

Bulls Blood Beet Seed

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These Bull's Blood Beet seeds are open pollinated and the most beautiful red leaf you have ever seen! The beet tops are used for fresh salads or stir fried. (50 days).

This beautiful beet has deep reddish-purple leaves! Very sweet and delicious, the baby leaves are a rage in salads. The beet roots are tasty too, although not very large, and have pretty pink rings inside and great nutritional value. A super productive beet for the leaves.

Last year I cut back to growing just one row in my personal garden and had enough to eat as well as share. I froze greens for winter and they taste great even after being in the freezer all winter. If you need bigger roots for pickling or canning try Cylindra or Detroit Dark Red Short Tops.

100 seed plant about 10 foot row.  Lot #391. 93% germination.

*Note: Each beet seed is actually a capsule that holds about 4 beet seed. When young beets appear it's good to thin them. I take a small pair of scissors and my yoga mat to sit on and cut three plants from each growth. That's the easiest way I can find to thin small seedlings without uprooting the other plants. This holds true for all beets.

Beta vulgaris

Beet Culture: Hardy and easy to grow. Can be sown almost as soon as ground can be worked. Thin by harvesting greens with baby beets. Beets left to mature to full size should be at least 3" apart.

Minimum germination temperature 40°, optimal range 60 to 85°, optimal temperature 77°. Emergence takes 17 days at 50°, 10 days at 59°, 5 days at 77°, highest % of normal seedlings at 77°.