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Cascade Glades Collard Greens Seed Organic-Collard Greens Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Cascade Glades Collard Greens Seed Organic

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SOLD OUT!  Our Cascade Glades Collard Greens seed are certified organic and open pollinated. (60 days) A re-selection of the venerable 1820 heirloom Green Glaze, by Alan Kapuler, Jeff McCormack and Carol Deppe. Endeared to southerners as “creasy” or “greasy” greens for its smooth glossy green leaves. The waxy texture that gives the leaves their distinctive green sheen also imparts heat and cold tolerance and resistance to cabbage worms and loopers. Where temperatures stay above 0°, Glaze can overwinter. The delicate-looking leaves, delicious steamed, are at their sweet tender best early in the season or in late fall after they’ve been nipped by frost. 100 seed per pack. Limited quantity!