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Chocolate Sweet Bell Pepper Seed Organic-Sweet Peppers-Heirloom Seed Supply

Chocolate Sweet Bell Pepper Seed Organic

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Our Chocolate Sweet Pepper seed is certified organic and open pollinated. I searched several strains until I found this which produces up to twenty peppers per plant. Crunchy and sweet taste. Three–lobed 5x2" elongated tapered fruits turn from green to glossy brown. Once ripe, the thick-walled flesh (burgundy-red inside, chocolate outside) has the taste we sought for so long.

I cut these in half, wash and freeze without blanching. They can later be used for many dishes from stir-fry to stuffed whatever you like to stuff with. I always prefer a chocolate, red, yellow or orange pepper over green ones. Just tastes sweeter and prettier no matter how you eat it. 25 seed per pack.