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Danvers Half Long Carrot Seed Organic-Carrot-Heirloom Seed Supply

Danvers Half Long Carrot Seed Organic

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Our open pollinated Danvers Carrot seed is certified organic. The original Danvers Half-Long was developed by market gardeners in Massachusetts in 1871, but this modern improvement features 7" conical orange roots are broad at the shoulders and taper to a point and they are easier to grow in heavy soils than the longer carrots. Danvers carrots make an outstanding carrot for cooking and winter storage.

300 seeds per pack plants out 10 square feet.

82% germination.

Carrot Culture: Very hardy. Early carrots can be sown by late April in the north, earlier in the south as soil temperatures warm to optimal germination temps. Can take up to 3 weeks to germinate; keep rows from drying out for faster emergence. Sow carrots for winter storage in mid-late June. Thinning is critical: At 3" high thin to ½" apart, at 6" thin again to 1" apart. Minimal germination temperature 40°, optimal range 60-85°, optimal temperature 80°. Emergence takes  6 days at 77°.

 Maintaining a good crop rotation and thinning is the best way to get a good size on your carrots.