Detroit Dark Red Short Top Beet Heirloom Seeds

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Detroit Dark Red Short Top Beet Heirloom Seeds

These Detroit Dark Red Short Top Beet seeds are heirloom and according to legend, the first beets were found in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The Detroit Dark Red Short Top Beet is much younger, however, and was first introduced to the United States in 1892. An historic variety introduced in 1892 by D.M. Ferry & Co. Original selections were made from Early Blood Turnip by Mr. Reeves of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.

Nearly round blood-red 3" diameter roots. Great for canning and fresh eating. Prolific growth and a good keeper. (60-65 days). 100 seeds per pack plants about 10 square feet.

Packed for 2017. Lot #382. 88% germination.

Beta vulgaris

Beet Culture: Hardy and easy to grow. Can be sown almost as soon as ground can be worked. Thin by harvesting greens with baby beets. Beets left to mature to full size should be at least 3" apart.

Minimum germination temperature 40°, optimal range 60 to 85°, optimal temperature 77°. Emergence takes 17 days at 50°, 10 days at 59°, 5 days at 77°, highest % of normal seedlings at 77°.

Scab, the same disease that afflicts potatoes, causes rough brown spots on the skin. Adequate irrigation is a preventive.

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