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Evergreen Hardy White Scallion Seed Green Onions-Onion Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Evergreen Hardy White Scallion Seed Green Onions

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These Evergreen Hardy White Scallion seed, most of the time called green onions are open pollinated. (65 days). Also known as Nebuka, This is a perennial non-bulbing bunching onion. If overwintered in the ground it develops clumps of scallions in the spring that can be harvested or divided and replanted. This heirloom from Japan originated in the 1880s and is one of the first spring foods to be ready when overwintered.

I sowed a pack last fall. it overwintered very well with floating row cover zone 5. They are still growing well in late summer without bolting. Resists PR and smut. About 300 seed per pack.