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Falstaff Brussel Sprouts Seed-Brussel Sprout Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Falstaff Brussel Sprouts Seed

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These Falstaff Brussel Sprouts seed are open pollinated. (102 days) People love the beauty of red varieties such as Rubine, but never could I get a single sprout to mature until I found Falstaff. It is the easiest red brussel sprout to grow.

Falstaff is not only ornamental but also extremely savory. Cooking brings out its tender nutty sweetness while allowing it to retain bluish-purple pigments. It cooks quickly, though, so don’t overdo it. Good production one year, only fair the next, sprouts with beautiful color, wide size variation, but most quite small compared to the green hybrids, and can be late coming. The color intensifies after a hard frost. The plants tend to sprawl. The rich flavored sprouts grow to 1 1/2" and mature to dark purple, with green interlaced. Plant can grow to two feet. 100 seed per pack. 85% germination.