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Floriani Red Flint Dry Field Corn Seed Organic-Field Corn Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Floriani Red Flint Dry Field Corn Seed Organic

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Our Floriani Red Flint dry field corn seed is a certified organic heirloom. (100 days) The stalks are sturdy and reach ten feet in height. The ears are six to seven inches long with twelve to sixteen rows of medium to deep-red colored kernels that are lightly yellow-tipped and slightly pointed. It has a 12% protein content compared to about 9% for most other varieties. Grows beautiful cobs with a wonderful flavor. The red pointed kernels (white when immature) are easy to shell and grind into a fine pinkish meal that bakes with an interesting spongy texture excellent for cornbread muffins. Floriani’s richly sweet delicious corny taste beat the competition silly in our pancake and cornbread muffin bake-off. Family heirloom brought from the Valsugana Valley of Italy by William Rubel. Once the staple polenta corn in the valley and named for Rubel’s friends who’ve grown it there for many years. 100 seeds per pack plants a 25 ft row.