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Gigante Kohlrabi Seed-Kohlrabi Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Gigante Kohlrabi Seed

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Our Gigante Kohlrabi seed is an open pollinated heirloom. (130 days) You've guessed that these get enormous? Yes they do, regularly exceeding 10" in diameter and close to 10 lbs. Unlike other kohlrabi, this Czechoslovakian heirloom doesn’t get woody even at such a large size. A root cellar staple, Gigante’s crisp white mildly tangy flesh will add zest to your meals while you await the first edible greens of spring. Sow in spring for late fall harvest. Leaves sweeten like a tender kale after a few hard frosts in the fall and stems likewise become as delicious as their broccoli counterparts. A favorite of Jason Kafka who plants a 300' bed. 100 seed per pack.