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Glass Gem Dry Field Corn Seed Organic-Field Corn Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Glass Gem Dry Field Corn Seed Organic

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The Glass Gem dry field corn seed is a heirloom and certified organic. Amazing arrays of translucent colors that resemble stained glass cover these beautiful 4- to 8-in. ears. Loved for their ornamental value, Glass Gem's kernels are also good as popped corn or ground for cornmeal. A yield of 2—3 ears per stalk is common! Glass Gem was carefully grown and stewarded for many years by Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer from Oklahoma. In 2010, Barnes was nearing the end of his gardening career and decided to pass on his seed collection to his protégé, Greg Schoen. Schoen in turn passed some of the seeds along to Bill McDorman, who would later become the executive director of Native Seeds/SEARCH. McDorman was intrigued by the name Glass Gem and decided to grow some of it in his own garden. Naturally, he was just as taken by the results as the rest of us have been, and decided to introduce it to a wider audience. Approximately 160 seeds per ounce.

The 4 oz. size is packed in resealable Mylar. After you plant you can freeze the remaining seed indefinitely.