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Greek Oregano Herb Seed

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Greek Oregano seed is one of my favorite herbs. Besides tasting great in foods it's sooo good for your body. Origanum heracleoticum The true culinary herb for Greek and Italian cooking, and a close relative of Marjoram. Germination may be slow, so be patient and make sure to keep a clear lid or plastic wrap with a rubber band to hold it, over the seed until you see some leaves. It's pretty hardy in the ground after established. It survived a mild winter in WI, in the ground, near the river.

Oregano is one of the best herbs for drying because it maintains a strong flavor for months after harvest. Pick and dry whole stalks or whole plants – hang them upside down in an airy place out of direct sunlight. Once the plants are completely dry, they can be stored in dry jars or ziplock baggies. 200 seed per pack.