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Hailstone Summer Radish Seed-Radish Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Hailstone Summer Radish Seed

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Our Hailstone Summer Radish seed are heirlooms and are pure snow white in color. Fast growing for children's gardens at (23 days).  Hailstone radish is very mild, crisp radish and maintains firm flesh even when stir-fried. 1903 J. Manns Seed Co. catalog says about Large White Box radish seed...."An excellent spring and summer variety for market.  Roots two inches in diameter; skin smooth, creamy white, with crisp, mild flesh.  Will stand for some little time after reaching full size without becoming pithy or running to seed."

Vaughan, in 1904, called it “the quickest growing radish on record,” and described it as round, smooth, snowy-white with a short tender taproot. Produces crisp juicy roots 1" in diameter that holds well and have some heat. Unusually small foliage but intolerant to crowding.

100 seeds per pack plants about an 8 square ft patch.