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Jenny Lind Muskmelon Seed Organic-Muskmelon Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Jenny Lind Muskmelon Seed Organic

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This Jenny Lind Muskmelon Seed is a certified organic heirloom. This melon has one of the most aromatic, and most exquisite flavors I have ever tasted. Very early, medium-sized melons are just the right size to cut in half and eat from the hand with a spoon. Believed to have been developed from a strain called Center originally from Armenia. Named for a much-loved soprano Jenny Lind (1820-1887), called the Swedish Nightingale. In his 1902 catalog, famed seedsman Peter Henderson called it “the gem of the muskmelons, flavor unsurpassed by any.” Jenny has recently enjoyed renewed popularity in home gardens all over the country. Despite her sparse spindly vines, she is a prolific bearer of small heavily netted 1 lb fruits that blush when ripe. Jenny Lind has a high Brix reading of 12.1 in Alice Percy’s SARE-funded 2010 melon trials. Jenny may be unique among melons for having a turban on her blossom end, but tends to be too soft there for shipping. Her soft juicy lime-green interior flesh is so sweet and musky that it just might make you sing. 25 seed per pack, enough to sow 8 hills.