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Limba Broccoli Seed-Broccoli-Heirloom Seed Supply

Limba Broccoli Seed

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Our Limba Broccoli seed is open pollinated. (70 days) Open-pollinated. So rare these days to find a reasonably priced OP broccoli that can perform in our summers. We thank Michele Hansen who unearthed the Czech seed company who supplies us with this gem.

Donna Dyrek started harvesting its light blue-green 8" semi-domed heads during the first week of August. It proved a good home-garden variety with medium beads, good flavor and texture, slow to bolt and decent production of side shoots.

100+ seed per pack.  89% Germination 

Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Subtract 20 days from date of transplanting.

Note: We cannot ship packets greater than ½ oz. (14 grams) of any Brassica into the Willamette Valley. The State of Oregon prohibits shipping any commercial quantity of untreated Brassica, Raphanus or Sinapis because of a quarantine to control Blackleg.

Broccoli Culture: Hardy. Require warm temperatures to germinate (68-86° ideal) but need 60s during seedling stage for optimal growth; higher temperatures make seedlings leggy. Heavy feeders; for best growth, need regular moisture and 2-3' spacing. Have done well for us succeeding onions and garlic in beds. Cauliflower and broccoli are damaged by hard frosts, especially in spring.

Young broccoli sprouts make good microgreens but these seed are not USDA approved for sprouts.