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Long Pie Pumpkin Seed-Pumpkin-Heirloom Seed Supply

Long Pie Pumpkin Seed

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These Long Pie Pumpkin seeds are certified organic, rare heirlooms and their history goes back to 1888 when Burpee first offered them in their catalog. This is one of the best pie pumpkins for cooking, with virtually stringless, smooth orange flesh. (102 days).

This is also known as Nantucket Pie Pumpkin. Harvest it while green with an orange spot on the bottom and put it in storage. When the pumpkin glows bright orange it is sweetened and ready to consume.

Once widely grown in Androscoggin County 75 years ago it almost became extinct but LeRoy Souther, a Livermore Falls, ME, native maintained it for more than 30 years, the gave seeds to John Navazio at his Common Ground Fair squash booth in the late 1980s. Navazio exhibited one at the 1988 Fair, then reintroduced it for public sales through Garden City Seeds in Montana.

The 3–5 lb fruits look like overgrown zucchinis and is one of the best for continued ripening after picking. Long Pie stored at 50° keeps all winter. Germinates poorly in cold soil. The little immature fruit under 5" long at the end of the season make great summer squash.

30 seeds per pack.