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Lumina White Pumpkin Open Pollinated

Lumina White Pumpkin Open Pollinated

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(100 days) Cucurbita maxima. Open-pollinated. Originated as a chance sport in one of Hollar’s California pumpkin fields about 15 years ago. Lumina Pumpkin is a ghostly white pumpkin that is perfect for carving, painting or decorating. These are mid-sized pumpkins that grow 8 to 10 in. tall and weigh up to 12 lbs. Smooth and pure white outside, the inside contains fine-grained orange flesh.

Lumina stores well if not exposed to frost, so a face painted on its smooth surface will last for weeks instead of days. Under stress, the fruit may develop blue patches. Fruits 8–10" high average 12 lb, variable depending on growing conditions. Chefs like its sweet yellow flesh. Good for puréeing baby food or making pumpkin soup. White pumpkins contain, iron, vitamin E, potassium, and fiber. 
Whether you eat it, decorate it, or both, Lumina is sure to please.

30 seeds per pack.