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Merlot Cutting Leaf Lettuce Seed Organic-Lettuce Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Merlot Cutting Leaf Lettuce Seed Organic

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Cutting this Merlot Leaf lettuce is like falling into a big glass of wine and the seed is certified organic and open pollinated. The Dutch company who bred it named it Galactic, but Cook’s Garden outdid them by calling it Merlot. It is hugely purple and slightly fuzzy to wavy on the edges lettuce. Merlot has a crisp and open headed leaf type with complete resistance to downy mildew races 1-16. Its waxy, spotless, and savoyed upright leaves are an ideal salad lettuce at any stage. Excruciating bolt resistance if you’re growing it for seed!

Also performed very well in 2003 freeze tolerance trials. The very darkest of all reds for salad, and the very highest in antioxidant anthocyanins. Its hard to believe something so gorgeous is so nutritious. Wash and spin or shake out the water, set it in a deep salad bowl and garnish it with our sweet yellow pear cherry tomatoes tucked between the leaves and there is your edible centerpiece for your next summer feed.  300 seed per pack.