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Nero di Tuscana Kale Seed Organic-Kale Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Nero di Tuscana Kale Seed Organic

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Nero di Tuscana Kale Seed is certified organic. (62 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Lacinato and Cavolo Palmizio (‘palm-leaved cabbage’). The ‘Tuscan Black’ was described by Vilmorin-Andrieux in 1885 and traced back to the 18th century by William Woys Weaver who calls it “one of the most beautiful kales to grace any kitchen garden” and suggests inter-planting with a vivid green lettuce for a spectacular color combination. Elemental, a stripped-down version of kale shaped like a miniature palm tree about 18" high. Very dark green wrinkled strap-like leaves appear almost black at a distance, looking minimalist compared with the lush curly-leaved kales. Its tough leaf strength makes it very sturdy for distributing into CSA boxes. Also used for microgreens. Delicious and nutritious as well as adapted to a wide temperature range, its sweet mild flavor improves after frost. According to Alan LePage, it demands more fertility than other kales. If it is looking anemic after the summer flea beetle invasions, LePage recommends side dressing it with fertilizer or compost. Using this treatment, he’s grown 6' plants! About 200+ seed per pack.