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Odessa Market Sweet Pepper-Sweet Peppers-Heirloom Seed Supply

Odessa Market Sweet Pepper

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Odessa Market Sweet Pepper (87 days) is open-pollinated. This heirloom pepper from Odessa on the Black Sea in Ukraine helped Heron connect his plant passion to his heritage.Odessa has strong stocky stems and dark green leaves that set it apart from other pepper plants. It grows fast and sets 7–12 fruits per plant, crisp, juicy, thick-walled and tasty. At the green stage the tapered peppers have a lime color that quickly turns to orange and then to a deep dark red. Sweet and full-textured whether enjoyed raw, sautéed or roasted. Good leaf canopies cover fruits, reducing sunscald and protecting from frost. Fruits are remarkably free from blossom end rot. 25 seed per pack.