Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Seed

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Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Seed

These Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea seed are open pollinated and sweet! (60 days) This is the most popular snow pea. Its highly productive, dwarf vines have stringless, edible pods which keeps producing after three big pickings! It's tolerant of short hot spells.   Disease resistant and does extremely well in spring or fall gardens.This pea is great for freezing, for eating fresh, or for adding to stir-fries and salads. If you run out of room just plant it in your flower garden. Excellent for container gardens and small spaces.

125 seed per pack plants a 12 ft row. Packed for 2017. Lot #391. 91% germination.


Pea Culture: Peas are legumes with moderate fertility requirements. Avoid excess nitrogen: they can fix their own. Use a legume inoculant as an aid. They prefer cool, moist weather and dislike dry heat. Sow as early as ground can be worked for best yields. All peas produce more when they are staked; varieties over 2½' must be supported. Use either trellis or chicken wire. Install support at planting time to avoid disturbing seedlings. Plant 8-10 seeds/ft on each side of supports in double rows. Set supports for rows 3' apart (5' if very tall varieties).

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