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Peacevine Cherry Tomato Seed Organic-Tomato Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Peacevine Cherry Tomato Seed Organic

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Peacevine Cherry Tomato seed is named that for a reason! (78 days) But before I tell you why ...these are certified organic and open pollinated cherry tomato seed are a rampant Indeterminate. 

These were selected by Peace Seeds from Sweet 100 cherry tomato and almost identical in fruit size and growth habit. These bear more tomatoes than our current national debt. Sweet clusters of 8 or so 1" fruits of deep crimson color with a “wonderful sweet/tart rich flavor.” Has the currant tomato in its ancestry. Very high in vitamin C and GABA, > a sedating neurotransmitter<. 

Indeterminate. 30 seed per pack. 82% germination.

* Note: When I mix soil for container gardening I use as many small pieces of hardwood tree bark as I can find in the mix to help retain moisture. Lacking that I reach for a product called Soil Moist. Hydrate the Soil Mix crystals BEFORE you mix them in your container soil.

Lycopersicon esculentum

For all tomatoes, days to maturity are from date of transplanting.

Culture: Tender, cannot tolerate frost. Usually started indoors Feb to April. Avoid using fresh manure as it causes lush foliage with few ripe fruits. Instead use generous amounts of well-rotted cow or horse manure or compost to boost plant vigor, and crushed eggshells at the bottom of each hole for calcium. Heavy phosphorus needs. Responds well to foliar sprays.

Determinate (Det) bush varieties may be staked, should not be pruned.

Indeterminate (Ind) climbing varieties are customarily staked and pruned.

Good seed retains viability so we often commission two-year productions. Organically and sustainably grown seed was rinsed with a sodium hypochlorite solution to reduce risk of seed-borne disease. This treatment poses no health risks.

Minimum germination soil temperature 50°, optimal range 60-85°, ideal temperature 77°. Emergence takes 6 days at 77°.

Cultural controls: Disinfect greenhouse materials & cages, farming tools & gloves, avoid overhead irrigation, don't work crop when wet, rotate crops, use compost. Don't smoke around tomato plants. Use diatomaceous earth and or wood ashes for dusting pests.