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Redventure Celery Seed Organic-Celery Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Redventure Celery Seed Organic

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Redventure Celery Seed is certified organic. (84 days) Open-pollinated. cross between Giant Red and Ventura (the most adaptive and resilient green celery available to the fresh market grower). With ample water and fertility, ‘Redventure’ produces dark to brilliant red stalks with emerald green leaves. Striking blanched stalks can be harvested singly for continuous supply of ideal salad celery, or fully mature plants produce a nice semi-blanched golden-pink heart. Very popular in customers’ trials, and my personal favorite. This marriage of opposites brings out the best of both partners and hides the flaws. Wanting to offer red celery, we trialed heirloom Giant Red but found it tough, stringy and too strong for modern palates. However, when combined with Ventura, the harshness and textural flaws disappeared into a delicious chewy stem with plenty of interior red color. Not as tender as Ventura, but with an enhanced flavor that will really enliven soups, salads and casseroles. OSSI. 200 seed per pack.