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Rosemary Herb Seed Organic-Herbs-Heirloom Seed Supply

Rosemary Herb Seed Organic

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Our Rosemary herb seed is certified organic. Rosmarinus officinalis Open-pollinated. From the Latin ros marinus meaning ‘dew of the sea,’ a reference to its native habitat, the Mediterranean coasts. Beloved tender perennial growing to 3–4'. Cannot withstand temperatures below 17°, may be overwintered indoors if kept cool and moist. Try near a cool basement window and keep misted. Dark grey-green needle-like leaves impart a robust resin flavor. Rosemary clippings are said to repel slugs. Blossoms range from deep blue to pale pink. Likes a dry alkaline soil; peat pots are too acidic.

Rosemary is not a good germinator, about 30% is average. Zone 8 or grow indoors in winter.. 100 seed per pack. Very limited quantity!

*Slow to germinate. Start seed indoors by stratifying in moist soil
in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks. Grows 2 to 5 feet. Winter over