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Super Sugarsnap Snap Peas Seed-Pea Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Super Sugarsnap Snap Peas Seed

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Open-pollinated. Super Sugarsnap Pea seed is slightly earlier and shorter (around 5'3") with about two-thirds the set of Sugarsnap but more concentrated over a shorter picking period. Although perhaps a tad less sweet than its taller counterpart, Super incorporates PM resistance as an important plus and its pods are a bit more curved. There is not a lot of difference between the two in flavor and texture. Growers say: “Happy with Super Sugarsnap as a substitute for tall Sugarsnap." and "Seed is ‘true and consistent,’ yield is impressive,”  Must be trellised!

Freezes well and the perfect sweet compliment to stir-fries. To freeze dip a metal colander full of sugarsnaps into boiling water for about 2 to 3 minutes until you get a slight color change, then lift colander carefully and then plunge the colander with peas into ice cube water to cool. The sooner you get them in the freezer the sweeter they will stay.

Usually only half of the peas actually make it to the house because Super Sugarsnap is one of mine and my grandbabies favorite fresh-off-the-vine crunchie munchie!

About 125 seed per 1 ounce pack will sow 15/20 feet.

About 1,000 seed per 8 ounce pack will sow 100 feet.


Pea Culture: Peas are legumes with moderate fertility requirements. Avoid excess nitrogen: they can fix their own. Use a legume inoculant as an aid. They prefer cool, moist weather and dislike dry heat. Sow as early as ground can be worked for best yields. All peas produce more when they are staked; varieties over 2½' must be supported. Use either trellis or chicken wire. Install support at planting time to avoid disturbing seedlings. Plant 8-10 seeds/ft on each side of supports in double rows. Set supports for rows 3' apart (5' if very tall varieties).