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Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon Seed Organic-Watermelon Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon Seed Organic

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Our Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon seed is a certified organic, open-pollinated seed. (90 days) Sweet Dakota Rose was developed by North Dakota farmer David Podoll to grow in cool, short season climates. It has rosey, pink flesh with a low seed count and is sweet and juicy! Striped fruits are nearly round and are sunburn resistant. The thin but firm rind makes it a good market type and it keeps well. The 8-10 foot vines produce fruits of 10-22 pounds. It's very reliable and easy to grow, but still needs warm soil temps to start so if you have a short growing season, start this one indoors. 25 seed per pack grows about 8 to 10 hills.