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Tromboncino Summer Squash Seed-Squash-Heirloom Seed Supply

Tromboncino Summer Squash Seed

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This Tromboncino summer/winter squash seed is an open pollinated variety that looks like a gourd but its a welcome change to summer squash because of its unusual shape. (70 days). 

The light green-to-tan fruit can grow up to 3 feet long and may be harvested anytime, from just a few inches through its full size. Enjoy Tromboncino's rich flavor steamed, grilled, or sliced raw in your favorite salad. A vining variety that is best trellised for straighter fruit.

Also known as zucchetta rampicante and Tromba d’Abenga is a cultivar of  Cucurbita moschata, a constellation of squashes that includes butternut squash.

Think of tromboncino as the new zucchini. It has a sweeter flavor than zucchini and the long neck is always free of seeds. It can be stored for winter squash but the flavor is a little bland.

If you’ve got the room to let this thing sprawl (ours is over 25 feet long) you’ll find it more productive than zucchini.

20 seeds per pack plants about 5 hills. Limited quantity.