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Tuxanna White Sweet Corn Seed Organic-Sweet Corn-Heirloom Seed Supply

Tuxanna White Sweet Corn Seed Organic

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Our Tuxanna White Sweet corn seed is certified organic and open pollinated. (86 days)  The seed is an F-6 selection from Anasazi Sweet x Tuxedo developed by Oregon farmer/seed grower/breeder Jonathan Spero out of Tuxedo.

It has beautiful, bright white kernels in 14–16 rows and 9" ears with great tip fill. It has big, white kernels that are sweeter than most other open-pollinated corns. Tuxanna makes a good size ear for roasting and the perfect corn for fresh eating, freezing or canning. It has a creamy sweet flavor which is absolutely delicious boiled or cut and fried. 1 ounce of seed plants 25 ft row, 4 ounces of seed plants a 100 ft. row.

You will not be disappointed with Tuxanna White Sweet Corn! Cook plenty because they will be asking for seconds.