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Walla Walla Sweet Spanish Onion Seed-Onion Seed-Heirloom Seed Supply

Walla Walla Sweet Spanish Onion Seed

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This Walla Walla Sweet Spanish onion seed is a French heirloom from the island of Corsica and was brought to Washington by a French soldier. It became famous in the Pacific Northwest for its juicy sweet flavor and has been in commerce since around 1900. (125 days). They do not store at all but who would have any left to store? They are eaten up so fast at my house because I love to use these for homemade onion rings, cucumber salads, Pico de Gallo.....I used to take care of a 98 year old woman who was sharp as a whip and walked around her garden just fine. She ate a quarter Walla Walla onion at every meal except breakfast. Eat more onions!

About 150 seed per pack.